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From SkrinkSafe to YUI Compressor

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To reduce the size of Javascript resources, Nuxeo Theme had until now used the DojoToolkit’s  ShrinkSafe javascript compressor based on a custom version of Rhino (a Mozilla  implementation of Javascript written in Java).

Some Javascript source files could not be safely minified (e.g prototype.js and jquery.js). This is why an extra parameter called shrinkable had been added to the XML resource configuration descriptor:

<resource name="prototype.js">

I have now experimented with YUI Compressor and so far all javascript source files that I have tested with have been safely compressed.

YUI Compressor can also compress CSS files which are now being compressed by default.


Although I haven’t tested yet it says in the changelog:

YUI Compressor 2.4, 2008-10-21
Allowed the YUI Compressor (which uses a modified version of Rhino)
to work alongside the original (unmodified) rhino library by using
a custom class loader.

So let’s hope that incompatibility issues observed between Rhino and customized versions of Rhino have been solved.

The changes are planned for upcoming 5.3.2 release of Nuxeo DM.


Written by Jean-Marc

July 9, 2010 at 13:36

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